NGC’s natural gas pipelines are buried safely underground and marked in a variety of ways, making their locations easy to identify. Just look for yellow marker posts or plates, as well as yellow stencilled markers on roadways. If you intend to:

  • execute construction activity
  • use heavy equipment
  • install pipeline, cable, ducting etc.
  • install signage, barriers, fences, poles, etc.

or conduct any similar works within 25 feet of NGC’s pipeline corridor and related facilities, you must adhere to the following guidelines for your safety:

A written notice must be given to NGC two (2) weeks prior to proposed activity, including such details as nature of works, sketches and construction drawings as appropriate.

If the location of works relative to NGC’s assets is unclear, kindly notify NGC and we will advise accordingly.

Correspondence should be directed to:
Mahindra Maharaj
Assistant Manager, Right of Way Maintenance Department

In the event of an emergency, please contact, NGC’s toll free number: 800-4GAS

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