As the world takes measures to achieve climate and energy goals, NGC understands that education, awareness and knowledge-sharing are critical to meet these targets. Connecting people with information equips them with the tools needed to act.

This is the philosophy that underpins the Company’s digital information hub, CariGreen. CariGreen aims to bring learning resources specific to the Caribbean green energy/renewables landscape onto one platform. The website provides information on available opportunities, planning, energy markets and technology developments within the clean energy space for the Caribbean region.

While The NGC Group works to assist local and regional parties to achieve climate targets for 2030, CariGreen is a digital space that can support building a better-informed public, stakeholders and investors.


Launched in June 2021, features sections that speak to energy transition, market information and Caribbean country-specific data from CARICOM and non-CARICOM. In 2022, CariGreen will include a ‘Projects’ section that features an evolving dataset of material green energy projects across the Caribbean and Latin America. This will play an essential role in the energy mix as the region transitions to cleaner forms of energy.

As CariGreen evolves and as more data comes to hand, its content categories and sections will be expanded.

CariGreen will continue to deliver on its vision of raising awareness and understanding of regional clean energy. Having more informed investors, citizens and stakeholders is the most important outcome as this will bolster efforts in NGC’s Green Agenda and sustainability programmes.

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