Press Release – Investing in a Nation’s Prosperity and Happiness

As a fully-owned state enterprise, The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC), takes its responsibility to support all aspects of our national, sporting and cultural life as a serious and necessary obligation. Our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives are therefore designed to ensure that we deliver support to a range of causes that reflect the diverse and multicultural nature of our society, address the developmental needs of our communities and contribute to efforts to enhance the overall well-being of our country.

As a result of this commitment, we have been proud to be an active contributor to national institutions, NGOs, cultural activities and social causes. The fact is that some of these initiatives and organisations would not survive were it not for the support of NGC.

The impressive growth in performance and profitability of the organisation over the past few years has allowed NGC to significantly increase its meaningful contributions. From 2010 when the organisation recorded a profit before tax of $3.3bn to 2013 when the figure was $9.7bn, NGC’s growth has been solid. Ultimately, the beneficiary of this level of development is the national community and this is in no small way expressed through NGC’s contribution to the Treasury by way of taxation and by a thoughtful, generous Corporate Social Responsibility programme. NGC is proud of its sustained growth and the ways in which this continues to benefit Trinidad and Tobago. The company remains deeply committed to the ongoing support of our nation in its pursuit of development.

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