Diesel Maxis make way for CNG Maxis

September 19th – A major step towards getting maxi taxi drivers to switch to CNG took place on Monday September 12th, with the disposal of 2 diesel powered maxi taxis. In 2015, state owned company, NGC CNG signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association of Maxi Taxis of Trinidad and Tobago (AMTTT) to offer a grant to maxi taxi owners to dispose of their diesel vehicles and switch to CNG.

To access the grant (of $45,000 for a small maxi and $75,000 for a large maxi), owners have to destroy their old diesel powered maxi taxis and procure new Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) CNG maxi taxis. The first 2 owners to complete the switch over from Diesel to CNG are Messers Lucien Hernandez-Maxwell and Godfrey Flemming.

Both vehicles which were destroyed and disposed, small maxi taxis, were in excess of 20 years old. On Monday 12th, the vehicles were taken to a scrap yard and crushed with an excavator. The mangled vehicles was then torn apart and fed into a massive shredder which separated the pieces into metal and other scrap.


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