From 03-17 August 2020, National Energy hosted a virtual internship for six Guyanese students currently enrolled in The UWI’s MSc Petroleum Engineering programme. This initiative, driven by National Energy Guyana Incorporated, demonstrated The NGC Group’s commitment to shaping the regional energy sector through knowledge transfer and the contribution of technical expertise.

Taking online what were originally planned to be in-person study tours, these virtual sessions were conducted by subject-matter experts across a wide range of natural gas-related topics, including pipeline engineering; design and measurement; natural gas contracts; information technology and commercial arrangements, employing the expertise resident within the Group. This is one of several initiatives being developed by the NGC Group to partner with universities in several areas along the gas value chain, including investments in research and development, energy efficiency and renewables, green reporting and climate action.

For this online study tour, the students worked in smaller groups and developed projects, which focused on the optimisation of natural gas to benefit the citizens of Guyana. Group One focused on the use of natural gas for power generation, while Group Two concentrated on the use of natural gas for Light Industrial Consumers. The programme culminated on 04 September 2020, with a presentation by the students to an online panel, that comprised senior faculty from the UWI’s Petroleum Studies Unit.

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