The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) has signed a Gas Sales Agreement with Trinidad Nitrogen Company Limited (TRINGEN).

TRINGEN, with two (2) ammonia plants and gas turbine power generation, is 51% owned by National Enterprises Limited (NEL) and 49% by Yara Caribbean (2002) Ltd. It is one of the longest operating companies on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate and is NGC’s fourth largest petrochemical customer. With this agreement, these two plants will continue to operate and keep Trinidad secured as a key exporter of ammonia. This is another optimistic signal of the sustainability of the local energy industry.

Trinidad Nitrogen Company Limited has been one of the more successful joint ventures for Trinidad and Tobago, paying dividends to its shareholders over the past 25 years, and contributing significantly to the local economy. This Agreement, signed May 11th 2021, will ensure that TRINGEN’s two ammonia plants (TRINGEN I and TRINGEN II) remain a noteworthy part of the country’s downstream landscape at Pt. Lisas. The execution of this gas sales contract re-emphasises both NGC’s and TRINGEN’s commitment to the longevity of the petrochemical industry.

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