Media Release: NGC Bocas Lit Fest South Launched

November 7th – Tradewinds Hotel was the site for the launch of 2016’s NGC Bocas Lit Fest (South) on Saturday 5th November 2016. NGC’s President, Mr. Mark Loquan, was the main speaker at the event. To an audience which included, Marina Salandy-Brown, Bocas Lit Fest founder & director; Michael Anthony, eminent author of Green days by the River fame; Sherid Mason, Chairman, San Fernando Arts Council (SFAC) and NGC Bocas Lit Fest South partners; Shella Murray, Vice-Chairman, San Fernando Arts Council (SFAC) and Ras Commander, Chairman, TUCO, Mr. Loquan expressed that NGC was “gratified by the success of this investment, especially given the challenges facing our business sector and the concomitant need for prudent expenditure. It is much easier to justify support for an organisation when it demonstrates consistent growth, when it addresses an underserviced need and when it delivers tangible results.”

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