Stars Continue to be Born

20th November, 2019

NGC Sanfest, the nation’s premier Junior Arts Festival, seeks to empower young people through avenues of artistic expression. The festival pivots around visual, literary and performing arts, and is open to primary and secondary schools nationwide. Mr. and Miss NGC Sanfest, a teen talent competition, is also a part of the festival, with 20 students participating in the competition this year.

Mr. and Miss NGC Sanfest Teen Talent finalists for the 2019 edition of the competition recently visited the Head Office of its title sponsor, NGC, to learn more about the company, the gas industry, and to tour the Point Lisas Industrial Estate. The visit to NGC remains a key part of developing the Mr. and Miss NGC Sanfest participants by exposing them to knowledge about the energy industry in general and NGC specifically.

As part of their visit to NGC this year, Mr. Rondell Donawa, a past participant of NGC Sanfest, delivered a feature address to the Mr. and Miss Sanfest participants. Mr. Donawa, now a practicing Attorney at Law, imparted a few words of wisdom to the contestants on this year’s theme ‘Where Stars are Born’. He shared a few of his past experiences, as well as his learnings through the years as a performer. He also encouraged them to continue to practise their art, to not be afraid to stand out, to maintain integrity in competition and to put their best efforts forward every time they are showcasing their talent. He also explained how his involvement in the arts and the opportunity to perfect his craft which was provided by NGC Sanfest, was a springboard for his career as an attorney.

For an incredible 49 years, the San Fernando Junior Arts Festival has been creating opportunities for young people across the country to find expression in the arts. NGC Sanfest is aligned with NGC’s goals of providing our youth with positives avenues of expression and preserving our diverse culture and celebrating our cultural identity and heritage. The company continues to resolutely support NGC Sanfest as a chance for many young persons to explore, develop and share their talents while inspiring many other young and upcoming performers.

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