The NGC Group is positioning itself not only at the forefront of energy but also the local and regional energy transition. The Group is also ensuring that change starts at home—with its employees.

One way the Group is ensuring this is by hosting its third annual Energy Transition Week this past week.

The inaugural NGC Group Energy Transition Week in 2019 was held in recognition of World Energy Efficiency Day.

This year’s three-day event for employees themed, ‘Building Our Future’ was focused on building that bridge for a new energy future and the Green Agenda. The event sought to establish foundational supports for the Green Agenda through our employees.
The week kicked off with an opening greeting by NGC’s President Mark Loquan who encouraged employees to see those individual steps for small changes filter and contribute to the larger corporate and national efforts of achieving sustainable development and the green agenda goals.

Mr Loquan identified at the strategic level, the NGC Group has been at the forefront of the renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) with various initiatives.

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