On 22nd of March 2020, Trinidad and Tobago closed its international borders and suspended all commercial flights into the country. This action signalled our recognition that Covid-19 had arrived, and also indicated that major changes were required in the way we worked to facilitate business continuity safely. I am pleased to report that The NGC Group (‘The Group’) has successfully transitioned to the “new normal” and embraced the future of work. Business continuity in 2020 could not have been possible without the dedication and tireless services of the management and staff across all companies. I extend sincere gratitude to all for the effort invested in maintaining operations despite all the challenges.

The pandemic and the move from fossil fuels to renewables represented two significant changes to the the Company responded. Innovation enabled by technology has played a major role in redefining the success models that we are building. We have noted changes that we must respond to in order to continue to add value in the new global energy market. Our analysis tells us that in the drive to reduce Carbon emissions, there is a global move from fossil fuels as the primary energy source to cleaner fuel sources, including Gas. Our new focus, therefore, includes being market-driven instead of production-driven, moving from fossil fuel energy to a focus on clean energy, renewables and energy efficiency, and reducing levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to a future Carbon-neutral world.

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