WASA and NGC CNG Company Limited sign MOU

On Wednesday 8th July, WASA and the National Gas Company (NGC) CNG Company Limited formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that formalized an agreement between the two state entities, in relation to the expanded utilization of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in the Authority’s fleet of vehicles. Signing on behalf of WASA was Acting Chief Executive Officer Gerard Yorke with Curtis Mohammed, President, NGC CNG Company Limited signing on behalf of NGC CNG.
In 2013, NGC was mandated by the Government to develop and expand the use of CNG as a major transportation fuel in Trinidad and Tobago. This resulted in the formation of the NGC CNG Company Limited (NGC CNG), a subsidiary of NGC to implement this mandate.
The use of CNG, also supports the work of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, as it relates to the protection and preservation of the environment.
In keeping with this initiative, WASA’s successful converted of two of its fleet vehicles (a dump truck and water truck) from the use of diesel to CNG in 2013.

In furtherance of that mandate, NGC CNG engaged in discussions with WASA regarding the utilization CNG where practicable and reasonable, since it was also an opportunity for WASA to reduce its transportation related costs.
The discussions culminated in the execution of the MOU, which will facilitate further negotiations between the parties, particularly in relation to the potential financing of the CNG conversion of select WASA vehicles by NGC CNG and imminent signing of a contract between the parties governing the construction, operation and maintenance of a CNG Fuelling Station at WASA’s Transport Department, St. Joseph.