The year 2020 arguably might be branded ‘The Year of Essential Services’. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic brought into sharp relief the services and industries required for meeting the collective needs of citizens.

Healthcare, protective services, utilities, telecommunications, food and beverage are a few of the services that first come to mind. However, none of these would be available if it were not for NGC—and its aggregation, processing, transportation and distribution of Natural Gas. Natural Gas is the primary fuel for the generation of electricity in Trinidad and Tobago. Without NGC’s operations, the country would, quite literally, be plunged into darkness.

For this reason, NGC’s sustainability and that of the Trinidad and Tobago economy relies heavily on the Company’s ability to safeguard its physical assets. Within the organisation several teams work together to deliver this critical function. The teams are notably making use of best-in-class tools, standards, and practices to ensure NGC’s value-generating assets are protected.

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