NAAA Michael Johnson Press Conference

Remarks by Mr Myles Lewis, Head- Corporate Social Responsibility (Coordinating), NGC

15th November, 2017
It is impossible to deny the excitement we Trinidadians and Tobagonians feel when we see the colours of our national flag unfurled before the world on the field of international competition. The thrill of seeing that rippling fabric of red, white and black can only be matched by the pride of watching our athletes mount the platform to receive their medals.

In short, we love to watch our athletes win.

But winning takes more than natural talent, a love for the sport, and a desire to be at the head of the pack. There are practicalities to consider. Winning at the highest levels requires the early identification of talent, the selection and grooming of our best young athletes, and the strategic collaboration between coaches, trainers, therapists, managers, and many more, who work with the athletes to harness and fulfil their true potential.

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