Sustainability Starts with Robust Governance

Published in ‘Energy Now’ magazine, October 2021

Sandy Eapen, Former Manager at BSR, an organisation of sustainable business experts that works with a global network to build a just and sustainable world stated that:

“Successful integration and effective management of sustainability at a company requires having committed leadership, clear directions, and strategic influence—and none of this will happen without a robust governance structure.” (Eapen, S, BSR, 2017)

The need for robust governance structures as a critical part of any organisation’s sustainability strategy is well recognised. Sustainability, in this context, is about organisations, nations, and individuals positioning themselves to sustain their current activities into the future without compromising the well-being of future generations. This positioning process involves conducting an impartial, frank evaluation of the Company’s vision, purpose, strategy, and the activities it has committed to undertake to deliver on its chosen strategy.

A necessary part of this exercise must also include a careful review and assessment of the governance structures and activities which exist, or should exist, within the organisation, to support the achievement of the organisation’s strategic goals.

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