The NGC Group of Companies is currently reviewing and updating its register of pre-qualified contractors and suppliers and invites suitably qualified companies / firms / individuals to be pre-qualified in the undermentioned categories.


Written translation services – UNSPSC 82111804 – No HSE Certification Required 

  • Deliver translation services 
  • Deliver video remote/consecutive/simultaneous/whispered interpreting services 
  • Deliver translations as noted in the Scope of Work for projects
  • Translation required from/to English and the following languages:
    • Spanish
    • French          
    • Dutch
    • Portuguese 


Mechanical Engineering – UNSPSC 81101600 – High Risk

  • To provide Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls and Civil (MEIC) construction works with project management support to projects.
  • Mechanical Labour (Fitters) 
  • Pipeline welding services

Oil and gas pipeline construction services – UNSPSC 72141113 – High Risk

  • Steel Pipeline Construction
  • Plastic Pipeline Construction
  • Metering Station Construction
  • Regulator Station Construction inclusive of Pipelaying
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

Onshore engineering procurement and construction services (EPC) – UNSPSC 81103405 – High Risk 

  • Design and Build Architectural designs and Structural building works for new building construction. Includes masonry works, structural steel works, reinforced concrete works, wall partitions and prefabricated structures.
  • Design and Build Civil works for roadways, drainage systems and miscellaneous reinforced concrete works.
  • Design and Build MEP works. Includes HVAC designs and installation, fire suppression works, telecommunication systems, alarm systems, electrical works (lighting and power) and plumbing works.
  • Design and Build for building renovation and retrofitting. Includes building finishes (tiling, painting, ceiling, windows, door), demolition works, and building upgrades.

Structural Engineering – UNSPSC 81101505 – High Risk

  • Civil Engineers/Civil and Construction Engineering Technicians
  • Earthworks (grading, excavation, piling)
  • Civil works construction
  • Provision of equipment and operators and general labour Architects
  • Civil Engineering Design and Geotechnical Investigations (Consultancy)
  • Civil Engineering Construction – Structures (sub-structure and super-structure)
  • Civil Engineering Construction – Earthworks and Infrastructure (Roads, Bridges, Drainage, Landslip remediation, etc.)

Offshore engineering procurement and construction services (EPC) – UNSPSC 81103404 – High Risk 

Turnkey arrangements to engineer, procure, construct commission and start up the following large infrastructure projects in the energy sector. 

  • Offshore structures, including steel-piled jacket structures and subsea installations
  • Onshore and Offshore pipelines
  • Marine Terminals
  • Process plants, including Natural Gas Liquids, LNG facilities, and Petrochemicals, among others. 
  • Hydrocarbon-based Power generation and transmission facilities
  • Renewable-based Power generation and transmission facilities
  • Industrial Estates, including port infrastructure and support services
  • Any other related large infrastructure pertaining to the energy sector

Must have the capability and capacity to deliver large scopes of work under flexible commercial arrangements, which may range from but are not limited to:

  • Standard lump-sum turnkey FIDIC contracts, negotiated lump-sum turnkey contracts; 
  • Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) arrangements, onshore and offshore contracts;
  • Equipment supply and equipment assignment from client-specified Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and equity arrangements.


Building cleaning services – UNSPSC 76111501 – Low Risk

  • Janitorial Services 
  • Provision of Materials and Labour

Fishpond services – UNSPSC  70101802 – Low Risk

  • Pond/Fountain Maintenance
  • Supply of equipment and maintenance of koi pond services 

Doormats – UNSPSC 52101508 – Low Risk

  • Supply and Maintenance of Commercial Mats 
  • Provision for the monthly rental and servicing of commercial/Industrial grade floor mats (including branded/logo mats) at the NGC Locations. 
  • The servicing includes the monthly deep cleaning/laundering of the mats

Laundry services – UNSPSC 91111502 – Medium Risk

  • Beachfield laundry services
  • Guest room linens, facility uniforms and towels, curtains and decorative textiles, and other hotel articles.
  • Cleaning/shampooing of mats

Pest control services – UNSPSC 72102100 – Low Risk

  • Eradication of Pests, i.e., Ants, Cockroaches, Mice 
  • Fogging for Mosquitoes 
  • Spraying

Portable toilet rental service – UNSPSC 80131506 – Medium Risk

  • Supply and service flushable portable toilets
  • Supply of all transport, labour, materials, plant, tools, equipment, insurance
  • Entrance doors with external locks

Recycling of computer-based products – UNSPSC  76122305 – Medium Risk

  • E-waste disposal services
  • Disposal of Obsolete Assets (E.g., servers, storage, computers, laptops, monitors, and peripherals) that are technologically obsolete or defective are considered e-waste.

Sewage treatment services – UNSPSC 76121701 – High Risk

  • Removal and disposal of sewage and treatment from sewer pits 
  • Removal of sewage from septic tanks.
  • Servicing of septic tank system (pumps, connections, and valves) 
  • Equipment: Sewage trucks, sewage removal pumps, hoses, power washers and spades 

Shipping container house – UNSPSC 95131605 – Medium Risk

  • Supply of Container
  • Transporting and sitting the container
  • Refurbishing of the container if needed
  • Modification of Existing Shipping Containers into a commercial unit
  • Corrosion Prevention and Coating of external walls
  • Internal Paint Coatings
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Air Conditioning
  • Structure Supports 
  • Modify Electrical Fittings and Fixtures

Supply and maintenance of doors – UNSPSC  30171500 – Low Risk

  • Supply of new doors (metal, wood, glass)
  • Maintenance and repairs of existing manual and automatic doors (metal, wood, glass)
  • Repairs and replacement of door opening/closure mechanisms, hinges, locks, lock keys, handles, frames, glass panes, and door closures


Catering services – UNSPSC 90101603 – Low Risk

  • On-Premises and/or Off-Premises Catering
  • Menus
  • Food Preparation
  • Delivery
  • Partial Service and/or Full Service
  • Public Health Certificates
  • HACCP will be an asset

Employee assistance programmes – UNSPSC 84131609 – No HSE Certification Required

  • Counselling Services (virtual and in-person services)
  • Addiction Support Services & Substance Abuse Management Training
  • Dietary and Wellness Support Services
  • Employee Guidelines (E-Brochures) and E-Learning
  • Quarterly reporting on the Programme
  • Monthly E-Bulletins
  • Training/Seminars on Wellness/Mental Health
  • Psycho-social Support Services
  • Crisis Management
  • Workplace Interventions 

Gymnasium – UNSPSC 95122306 – Low Risk

  • Gym Management Services
  • Maintenance of fitness equipment
  • Coordination of special initiatives for the Gym
  • Nationally certified trainers

*Safety training services – UNSPSC 86101709 

  • Provision of HSE and Industrial Safety Certified Training  
  • Industrial Firefighting 
  • Basic & Advanced Firefighting 
  • Fire Warden 
  • Portable Gas Detection Instruments 
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus 
  • Confined Space Entry 
  • Breathing Air Distribution System 
  • Fall Protection 
  • HAZWOPER Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response  
  • Lifting and Rigging training accredited by OPITO/NSL/EAL 
  • IMDG Certification 
  • First Aid; Medical First Responder 
  • Accident Investigation with Root Cause Analysis (to an approved standard such as TapRoot, 5 Whys, BP CLC, etc.).  
  • Incident Command System Level 100-500

*STOW Certification may be required for the provision of in-person/physical training

Staff recruiting services – UNSPSC 80111701 – No HSE Certification Required 

  • Advertising of vacancies on NGC’s behalf on various suitable platforms (local and international)
  • Provision of shortlisting services
  • Facilitate head-hunting services for specialized roles via Recruitment Agencies
  • Administer psychometric assessments in accordance with Employment Policy
  • Availability of a database of pre-screened candidates to facilitate the filling of short-term vacancies

Taxicab Services – UNSPSC 78111804 – Low Risk

  • Taxi transportation employees and corporate related
  • Executive transportation
  • Driver’s Licence valid for at least the last 10 years
  • Defensive Driving Certificate
  • Certificate of Good Character
  • Police Record

Team-building services – UNSPSC 60105308 – No HSE Certification Required

  • Corporate team-building services
  • Team Building / Relationship Management
  • Group Dynamics
  • Increased communication, planning skills, employee motivation, and employee collaboration

Travel agencies – UNSPSC 90121502 – No HSE Certification Required 

  • Travel management services
  • Air, land, sea route planning and ticketing
  • Services should be provided on weekdays/ weekends.
  • Emergency travel facility
  • Reservation/ bookings
  • Taxi and car rentals
  • Travel document services

Vehicle rental – UNSPSC 78111808 – Low Risk

  • Daily vehicle rental services 
  • Short-term rental requirements (1-3mths)
  • Types of vehicles: sedans, station wagons, pick-ups, and SUVs


Development environment software – UNSPSC 43232402 – No HSE Certification Required

  • Conduct materiality assessments to help the organizations prioritize sustainability issues and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Supports all major ESG Reporting standards, including GRI, CDP, CDSB, IIRC, and SASB. Users should be able to generate disclosures based on any selected standard and receive regular updates on ESG frameworks.
  • Seamlessly collect and collate data across the organisation based on materiality assessments, performance metrics and the latest disclosure standards.
  • Convert data into a report that meets production and stakeholder needs with the ability to cross-reference to multiple ESG standards 
  • Analyze and generate online reports, and export data in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats.
  • Provide ESG templates for sustainable practices, carbon emissions, data privacy, and more.
  • Help users manage ESG milestones, calculate emissions, and create disclosures that meet global standards.
  • Displays ESG performance and milestones in a singular dashboard, enabling us to compare and contrast with other companies and competitors.
  • Manage carbon and report GHG emissions data according to various standards such as GHG Protocol, API, OGMP 2.0, and IPCC Guidelines.
  • Strong reporting capabilities, including help with ESG disclosures, data templates, and report automation.

Computer or network or internet security – UNSPSC 81111801 – No HSE Certification Required 

  • Cybersecurity Monitoring: Cybersecurity monitoring services employ advanced technologies and techniques to continuously monitor IT systems, networks, and digital assets for potential security threats and breaches. These services include real-time threat detection and analysis, security event monitoring, and user behaviour analysis to provide early warning and response to security incidents.
  • Network Maintenance and Support and Services: Network maintenance and support services ensure the availability, performance, and security of NGC’s network infrastructure. This includes regular network health checks, configuration management, firmware updates, troubleshooting, and support to address any network-related issues and vulnerabilities.
  • Data Loss Prevention Services: Inclusive of Data Protection and Encryption services which focus on securing sensitive information throughout its lifecycle. These services involve implementing data encryption mechanisms, access controls, data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, and backup and recovery strategies to safeguard data from unauthorized access, data destruction, data theft, or data loss.
  • Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Management: Threat intelligence and vulnerability management services provide proactive identification and management of potential security risks. This includes continuous monitoring of emerging threats, vulnerability scanning and assessment, patch management, and remediation planning to minimize vulnerabilities and enhance the overall security posture of the organization.
  • Cybersecurity Security Awareness and Training: Security awareness and training services aim to educate employees on cybersecurity best practices, policies, and procedures. These services include customized training programmes, phishing simulations, security awareness campaigns, and ongoing education to enhance employee awareness and reduce human error-related security risks.
  • Incident Response and Forensics: Incident response and forensics services offer expert assistance in handling security incidents and conducting forensic investigations. This includes incident response planning, threat containment, evidence gathering and preservation, analysis, and reporting to minimize the impact of security breaches and aid in legal proceedings if necessary.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Support: Compliance and regulatory support services can assist the organization in adhering to industry-specific regulations and standards. This involves benchmarking, conducting compliance assessments, developing and implementing controls, and providing guidance to meet requirements and standards such as NIST SP 800 series, IEC62443 series of Standards, GDPR, ISO 27001 etc.
  • General Cybersecurity Consultancy: expert guidance and advice in Cybersecurity.

Computer vocational training services – UNSPSC 86101601 – No HSE Certification Required 

  • Software Application Training
  • Power BI
  • Create and modify training documentation on various systems
  • Delivers training and instruction in accordance with defined training needs
  • Conducting training needs analyses and research; preparing course materials


Communication equipment manufacture services – UNSPSC 73171506 – Medium Risk

  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Marine Communication Equipment 
  • Supply Communication Equipment (Satellites, Radios, Automatic Identification Systems, Search and Rescue Radar Transponders) 
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting, Servicing, Inspection and Testing 

Diesel generators – UNSPSC 26111601 – Medium Risk

  • Supply of Generators for vessels
  • Commissioning and delivery to the vessel
  • Installation and Maintenance 

Domestic barge transport services – UNSPSC 78101703 – High Risk

  • Provision of Barge Services 
  • Improving Loading Efficiency
  • Reducing Non-Essential Space
  • Expanding shipping routes
  • Improving safety and reliability
  • Conducting Risk Assessments
  • Implementing Safety Management Systems
  • Regular Maintenance and Inspection
  • Implementing Quality Control Procedures
  • Providing Training and Education to Crew Members

Marine consultancy services – UNSPC 81103008 – High Risk

  • Diving Operations Subject Matter Expert and Consultancy
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles Subject Matter Experts/Inspectors
  • Marine Vessels Inspections (Dive Support, Crane Barges, Support Vessels, Construction Vessels, etc.) 
  • Offshore On-board Inspectors/Company Representatives for pipeline inspections, repairs, and construction works
  • Capabilities for on-site inspections/verification of equipment related to these types of works and monitoring of the operations would also be needed from these vendors.

Marine fenders – UNSPSC 25111920 – High Risk

  • Supply and Installation 
  • Remove, Transport, and Dispose of Existing Fenders
  • Assemble Fenders
  • Transport and Install New Fenders
  • Maintain Fenders

Marine navigational or communication services – UNSPSC 78141703 – High Risk

  • Supply of Navigational Aids
  • Installation and Maintenance of Navigational Aids
  • Facilitate safe berthing and unberthing of vessels
  • Produce a Service Plan for Leading Lights, Jetty Light, Aids to Navigation Lateral Markers, 
  • Diving Services and use of diving equipment to carry out Inspection and Maintenance

Marine structure construction and repairs – UNSPSC  78141703 – High Risk

  • Repairs to marine piles and associated structures
  • Servicing of Beacon and navigational lighting
  • Conducting Bathymetric surveys
  • Marine-related services and equipment
  • Diving services

Vessel docking services – UNSPSC 78141802 – High Risk

  • Drydocking and Inspecting of tug
  • Hull Inspections and Repair
  • Propeller Maintenance
  • Engine and Mechanical Systems Maintenance
  • Electrical System Maintenance
  • Safety Equipment Inspections
  • Upgrades and Modifications
  • Project Management
  • Squeeze Cementing

Well plugging services – UNSPSC 71141101 – High Risk

  • Design, implement and execute a strategy to terminate leaking wells for Brighton Estate
  • Displacement Method
  • Use of Permanent Bridge Plug
  • Tubing Methods
  • Plugging of Casing Stubs
  • Testing of Plugs
  • Clearance and Restoration of Location
  • Use Rigging and Associated Equipment for the Plugging and Abandonment of Oil and Gas Wells
  • Produce Reports including pictures of progress during and after well abandonment.

Wellhead support structures – UNSPSC 20122514 – High Risk

  • Offshore Marine Infrastructure Repairs – Remediation of Support Structures 
  • Remediation of Steel Support Structures at Marine Facilities
  • Restoration of Structural Integrity
  • Mobilise dive support vessel with diving equipment
  • Inspection 
  • Surface Preparation
  • Cleaning of Pile Surfaces
  • Sandblasting
  • Installation of Members


Asset integrity management services – UNSPSC 71121517 – Medium Risk 

  • Pipeline and facility equipment damage mechanisms and failure modes assessment
  • Pipeline, facility and process risk analysis, integrity engineering assessment and studies.
  • Asset life cycle management planning
  • Equipment criticality analysis
  • Pipeline and facility risk-based integrity management and inspection planning
  • Equipment reliability and availability studies
  • Equipment maintenance optimisation studies
  • Pipeline integrity management programme development and assessment
  • Facility integrity management programme development and assessment

Catalyst loading or removal service – UNSPSC  72154054 – High Risk

  • Change out of catalyst (loading and unloading of catalyst) 
  • Provision of a rescue team
  • Certification for confined space entry under breathing air
  • Unloading and transportation of Molecular sieve

Facility integrity management service – UNSPSC 72102907 – High Risk 

  • Preventative Maintenance, Plant and Facilities
  • Conduct regular maintenance at various NGC Operating Facilities that are equipped with the following: –
    • Valves/Actuators
    • Motors
    • Pumps
    • Electrical equipment – UPS, Generator
    • HVAC System

Hazardous wastewater disposal – UNSPSC 76121904 – High Risk 

  • Disposal of hazardous wastewater resulting from the use of water in a manufacturing process
  • Proper storage, transport, treatment, or disposal of inflammable, reactive, corrosive, or toxic material
  • Safe disposal of materials once they are not recyclable
  • Emergency response plan for hazardous wastes should be available
  • Collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of oily water (plant waste) via road via tanker
  • Collection and transport of condensate via road tanker wagon
  • Collection and transport of methanol via road tanker wagon

Laboratory testing service – UNSPSC  71171506 – High Risk 

  • Laboratory Testing 
  • Testing and Sampling total arsenic, halides, water, oil, LPG, natural gas, and metal analysis in solid compounds and condensate. 
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Labs to test on a solid sample-
  • Solubility in Xylene
  • Solubility in Hexane 
  • Solubility in Acetic Acid
  • Solubility in Diluted HCl
  • Inorganic Content
  • Organic Content
  • Density
  • Sediment by Extraction
  • Heptane Insoluble
  • Total Acid Number
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons.

Lifting equipment and accessories (Construction equipment rental or leasing service)- UNSPSC 72141702 – High Risk

  • Rental of the following equipment including operators:
  • Lifting and Equipment Services 
  • Extended Trailers Cranes 
  • Lifting Accessories 
  • Forklifts Tractor 
  • Trucks Specialised 
  • Trailers Equipment 

Must be: Suitable for intended use, maintained in a safe condition, Inspected, and Accompanied by suitable Health and Safety measures such as devices and controls

Molecular sieve – UNSPSC 12165303 – High Risk

  • Supply of Molecular Sieve 
  • Changeout of Molecular sieve
  • Inert entry unloading of the Molecular Sieve, Silica Gel and Support Balls from Dehydrator vessels, utilizing inert entry if required to remove contents that have become lodged and immovable in the vessels. The CONTRACTOR must be equipped to perform inert entry unloading operations.
  • Assist in cleaning sections of the vessel walls for internal inspection.
  • Removal and re-installation of the floating mesh screens and wire rope where applicable.
  • Reloading of the Molecular Sieve, Silica Gel and Support Balls for Dehydrator vessels.
  • Supply of rescue services to facilitate the entire execution  

Non-destructive testing service – UNSPSC  73121614 – High Risk

  • Non-Destructive Testing 
  • Non-destructive testing techniques are required for data collection on static assets, specifically tanks, vessels, piping, and structural equipment.
  • Destructive Testing
  • Pipeline Welding Inspection
  • Weldment (Material) Inspection

Non-paint protective coating – UNSPC 15121534 – High Risk

  • Surface Preparation – abrasive blast cleaning, hydro cleaning, solvent cleaning, hand/power tool cleaning
  • Coating Application
  • Coating Testing
  • Onshore/Offshore works

Pipeline inline inspection service – UNSPSC 78102103 – High Risk

  • Intelligent Pigging Inspection (ILI) support. The provision of tools such as MFL, XYZ Mapping, Geometry, and CP-CM Tools will be an asset
  • Equipment and Services to scan the internals of the pipeline and indicate areas of stress, etc.
  • Analysis of ILI results, e.g., Corrosion growth assessment, anomaly assessment
  • Cathodic Protection Testing services, e.g., Close interval surveys, stray current surveys and assessment
  • Pipeline repair products, e.g., 3M ScotchKote Liquid Epoxy Coating 323+, TDW Res-Q Composite wrap
  • Pipeline inspection products, e.g., dumb pigs, scraper pigs, batching pigs, cleaning pigs, etc.
  • Refurbishment services, e.g., Marker pole refurbishment, excavations

Scaffolding services – UNSPSC 30191502 – High Risk

  • Scaffolding services (H frame and pipe)
  • Supply of Materials (tubes, locks, floorboards, railings, and ladders)
  • Supply of Labour to erect/dismantle
  • Provision of Certification procedures
  • Provision of Specialty scaffolding options

Subsea pipe coating and insulation and cathodic protection – UNSPSC 20143702 – High Risk

  • Offshore Marine Infrastructure Repairs (including Cathodic Protection) 
  • Design, Supply, Install and Test sacrificial aluminum anodes, cathodic protection, and splash zone protection.
  • Splash zone protection should provide protection for twenty years
  • Anodes should be marked with anode type and denomination, the manufacturer’s name and address or trademark and production date.
  • Installation of a Petrolatum type system to provide long-term corrosion protection.
  • Produce reports containing photos confirming voltage potentials

Subsea well remote operation vehicle (ROV) services – UNSPSC 71122302 – High Risk

  • Diving Services- Saturation Diving, Surface Diving (Air, Mixed Gas)
  • ROV Services
  • Coating Inspections
  • CP System Assessments
  • Weldment (Material) Inspection
  • Span Verification & Rectification


Computer or network or internet security – UNSPSC  411133 – NO HSE CERTIFICATION REQUIRED Risk 

  • Cyber Security 
  • Identify, rank, and report vulnerabilities that, if exploited, may result in a system’s intentional or unintentional compromise.
  • Evaluate our security posture using simulated attacks to identify and exploit vulnerabilities, conducted using manual techniques supported by automated tools.

Fire prevention services – UNSPSC  92101603 – Medium Risk

  • Minimum of 3 Years’ Experience in Oil and Gas
  • Fire Watch Certification
  • Must be Familiar with SIMOPS
  • OSHA General Safety
  • Basic Fire Fighting training
  • Safety awareness training
  • Must be physically able to manoeuvre the wheeled extinguishing units
  • Must Have First Aid training

Medical and pharmaceutical biohazard disposal products – UNSPSC 42192800 – High Risk

  • Disposal of Biohazard and Infectious Waste
  • Collection and disposal of biohazard, infectious waste inclusive of sharps

Search and rescue teams – UNSPSC  92101901 – High Risk 

  • Provision of Rescue Services, particularly for Confined Space & High Elevation Rescue 
  • Must be reputable, experienced subject matter experts
  • Must have necessary, up-to-date licenses, approvals and certifications
  • Must be STOW Certified 
  • Able to provide standby rescue technicians and supervisor/management, rescue procedures/plans, associated rescue tools & equipment for multiple locations. 
  • Provision of On-Site Stand-by AND Rapid Response (Personnel) Rescue Team for work on Process Flare tower platforms/accessways / pipe-rack at grade and up to elevations of approximately 180 feet.

Risk or hazard assessment – UNSPSC 77101501 – Low Risk

  • Provision of Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Services 
  • Identify hazardous scenarios associated with loss of containment of liquid/vapours from installations. 
  • Estimate the frequency of failure of the identified hazardous scenarios. 
  • Carry out dispersion analysis and estimate potential consequences of undesired events and subsequent effects of fire, explosion, toxicity, etc.  
  • Estimate the risk to individuals located within and outside the premises of the installation and property wherever these are affected. The individual risk shall be expressed in the form of risk contours. 
  • Recommend suitable measures to mitigate the risks. 
  • Consider the domino effect, i.e., whether hazards posed by surrounding facilities can lead to further escalation because of their proximity to the assessed installation. 
  • Consider the effect of Vapor Cloud explosions and recommend mitigation measures.    

Security or access control systems – UNSPSC 46171619 – High Risk 

  • Systems Include IP-based camera systems, CCTV systems, Intrusion Detection Systems; electronic turnstiles; gates and barriers; access control systems
  • Design, engineering, and testing services
  • System integration services
  • Procurement and supply of systems and materials
  • Installation and commissioning services
  • Automated gate and barrier maintenance, installation, and repair services; solar panel equipment and services
  • Ongoing system maintenance