Media Release: NGC Trinidad & Tobago Sweet Tassa’s Graduation 2017

Jan 19, 2018
On 13th January 2018, NGC Trinidad & Tobago Sweet Tassa’s hosted a graduation ceremony for 20 students of its year-long academy at Mt. Stewart Village, Princes Town. The programme kicked off in Q1 2017 and involved two-hour classes every week. Students were exposed to the musical genres of Calypso, Nagara, Dingolay and Chutney, as well as a history of the Tassa artform.

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Photo 01Students of NGC Sweet Tassa demonstrate their tassa drumming skills at the graduation ceremony.
Photo 02Ms. Lisa Burkett, Manager, Corporate Communications, NGC, presents a certificate to graduating member Ms. Aneeka Ali.
Photo 03Mr. Alister Narinesingh, Community Relations Officer, NGC, addresses the audience at the NGC T&T Sweet Tassa Academy Graduation.