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Sustaining Entrepreneurship and Diversification—NGC meets with its LIC Sector

13th December 2018
The manufacturing sector represents a great opportunity for diversification of the national economy, increased employment for nationals and earning of much needed foreign exchange. On Thursday 22nd November, 2018, The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) hosted its inaugural Light Industrial Commercial (LICs) Customer Forum. LICs are customers that utilize under 3000 Million British Thermal Units(MMBtu) of natural gas per day for commercial use, as opposed to other customers that fall within the other gas-using sectors.

These LICs comprise 120 local businesses, including Carib Glassworks Limited, Unilever Caribbean Limited, Bermudez Biscuit Company, Flavourite Foods Limited, National Flour Mills, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Service Stations and many others. In total, the manufacturing sector employs approximately 48,300 nationals, and as such has a significant socio-economic impact on our economy. In this vein of national interest, NGC made the decision to actively engage these customers at a time when there are several challenges to doing business. According to Mr. Mark Loquan, NGC President, “In order for us to be sustainable, you must be sustainable.”

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