It is my singular honour to share some words today on behalf of NGC as we bring to a close, a very significant initiative with our partners in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and The Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme, YTEPP. In capitalist societies, the law of supply and demand is what drives markets and makes people money. Very simply, if a good or a service is in high demand, but supply is limited, then the price of that good or service goes up. If a business can offer products that people need or want but cannot easily find elsewhere, then that business is bound to succeed.

The job market operates on the same principle. Skillsets that are in high demand will fetch high prices. Over the past few decades, the job market in Trinidad and Tobago has evolved. Today, the numbers entering the workforce are increasing, people are retiring at an older age, more persons are working multiple jobs. It is therefore tougher for young people to find employment. For many, the solution lies in entrepreneurship and self-made businesses – creating your own opportunities. That is where this programme comes in.

—Lisa Burkett, NGC Manager, Corporate Communications

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