Hyatt Regency, 26th April, 2019: Remarks by Ronald Adams, VP, Operations, NGC

“It is my singular honor this morning to open the presentations at CorrTrin 2019 with some remarks on behalf of my company, The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited, NGC. As a point of departure for today’s sessions, I was specifically asked to share some thoughts on asset integrity, which is the framework within which today’s presentations will be delivered. Given that my remarks will pivot around operations at NGC, I thought it best to start with a broad overview of the business of my company.

“As you can see, NGC operates a massive transmission and distribution network. The footprint of our infrastructure is so extensive that for us, asset integrity is not simply necessary for business continuity.

“Our pipelines pass under towns and communities, along heavily trafficked roadways and through sensitive natural environments. We therefore make it a priority to maintain our assets, to prevent failures that could jeopardize public safety or disrupt ecosystems. Indeed, this is a responsibility that all operators in the industry share, so I commend NACE on bringing stakeholders together for exchange on this very relevant theme.”

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