NALIS, 25th April, 2019: Remarks by Ronald Adams, VP, Operations, NGC

“He moved like a bullet. In just over 10 seconds, he had defeated 4 fierce opponents with his muscle and steely resolve. Such was his strength in that moment that when he raised his arm at the finish, he lifted an entire nation thousands of miles away.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the account of Hasely Crawford’s historic Montreal win could easily pass for script from a superhero comic. Better yet, the journey that led him to that achievement, his origin story, brings to mind all the illustrated heroes that rose to greatness from humble beginnings. It is therefore easy to see why the comic book is a perfect medium to share the story of our nation’s first gold-medal Olympian.

“In 2018, NGC embarked on a journey with the Heroes Foundation to produce a unique graphic publication that would chronicle the early life and career of His Excellency Hasely Crawford. Today, I am thrilled to help the team launch the completed book, ‘A Runner’s Life—Lessons from an Olympian’. As we hoped, it has turned out to be a magnificent keepsake and important historical record.”

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