There is a popular quote that says: ‘Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not.’ The simple truth of this statement is that while most people have that something that they are innately good at, not everyone gets the chance or platform to develop and generate value from their abilities. We at NGC consider unrealised potential an unacceptable loss for our country. For this reason, we make it a Corporate Social Responsibility priority to help match our nation’s young talent with opportunity. We do this in sport, in education, and of course, in the arts and culture.

For an incredible 49 years, the San Fernando Junior Arts Festival has been creating opportunities for young people across the country to find expression in the visual and performing arts. NGC began supporting the festival in this worthy cause back in 2003 and assumed title sponsorship in 2013. Our support is easily justified. As the theme of this year’s edition affirms, NGC Sanfest is where stars are born. Though a simple refrain, these words speak powerfully to the value of this festival.

—Winston Mohammed, NGC Senior Manager, Projects

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