It is a pleasure for us at NGC to formally commit our support to the rollout of the National Policy on Sustainable Community Development with the Ministry of Sport and Community Development.

At the heart of most development programmes is a desire to improve—to help a group or target population move from a baseline point A, to a better point B. This is a noble goal. Consultation and community involvement are critical to the success of any development programme, along with understanding of the needs and priorities of the people you are trying to support.

When the Ministry of Sport and Community Development reached out to NGC for support in the implementation of the National Policy we immediately saw the value. The idea of giving voice, choice and agency to community groups, and empowering them to participate in the process of designing their own future, resonated with us.

Who would better understand the needs and aspirations of the people than the people themselves? Who would better understand the resources that can be leveraged, the potential that can be developed?

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