Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, published on 25th March, 2021.

MTA ADULT LITERACY TUTORS ASSOCIATION On Saturday February Li, Alta fidfilled its annual obligation to members and stakeholders by hosting its first ever virtual Annual General Meeting. Our foray into the world of virtual hosting was a success: all told, 42 members participated in the Zoom meeting. including Zalayhar Hassanali who has never once missed an AGM in all of her years as Alta’s patron. We look Ina on a year of adaptation for Alta, through the theme of “Sustaining and Building Alta’s Core: in the form of the ACM presentation by chairman NWel Baptiste. This week we feature the first part of the chairman’s address: Zt 2020what a year, a year to forget get for many of us! For Aha it was a year of innovation and a year in which Aha’s strength came to the fore.

In 2020. the Alta Programme successfully transitioned from classroom to virtual with two big achievements. The first was planned the pilot of Aha Online. The second was driven by the pandemic AltaV classes del lend by Zoom. Both these achievements. Alta Online and AltaV, owe a great to to two sponsors: the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago and Republic Bank Limited.

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