Clean energy technologies (CETs) are renewable and offer less environmentally invasive ways to power the global community’ Clean technology supply chains include both supply chains for clean energy sources (including wind, solar geothermal, and hydro), and supply chains associated with the stages of the clean technology value chain (production, transmission of clean energy, and distribution).

Clean energy technology supply chains have some characteristics which make them different from fossil fuel supply drains. Getting the global energy industry to net zero emissions shifts the focus of energy supply chains from fossil fuel supply and fossil fuel geopolitics to clean energy minerals supply, dean energy materials manufacture, and the manufacturing capacity needed to deliver dean energy technologies. It includes energy transition materials (lithium, nickel, cobalt, and copper), solar panels, wind turbines, electrolysers to make electricity and hydrogen, batteries for electric vehicles/hybrids/stabilising the grid (replacement for spinning reserve), transmission lines and shipping infrastructure.

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