Media Release

Fostering the potential of our youth through NGC’s annual Vacation Interns Programme

27th June, 2018
Recognising that one of T&T’s greatest assets is the potential of our people, The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) seeks to maximise that value by empowering our people with knowledge, competencies and opportunities. NGC supports several youth development programmes that equip our young people with these assets.

NGC’s Vacation Intern Programme provides an opportunity for undergraduate students pursuing programmes in tertiary level institutions to experience corporate life, gain hands-on experience that complement their academic course of study, and learn general life skills. Though academics are critical to the future growth of these young persons, exposure to non-academic areas also contribute to moulding well-rounded citizens. NGC believes that the investment in professional and personal development in our youth will ultimately be a function of the value we can extract from our human capital.

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Photo 01A cross-section of NGC’s 2018 Vacation Interns at their orientation session.
Photo 02The first cohort of NGC’s 2018 Vacation Interns.