TTNGL Notice: By-Law Amendment

Trinidad and Tobago NGL Limited (TTNGL) advises that at its Annual Meeting held on April 25, 2017
a resolution was passed to amend the Company’s By-Laws to put into effect the following:

  1. Standardisation of language used in the Company’s Articles of Incorporation and the
    By-Laws by amending the following clauses in the Company’s By-Laws:

    1. Clause 4.05.1 to change “more than 25%” to “25% or more”
      and to change “less than 10%” to “10% or less”;
    2. Clause 4.05.3 to change “more than 25%” to “25% or more”; and
    3. Clause 4.05.4 to change “less than 10%” to “10% or less”.
  2. Amendment of Clause 4.19 to remove the word “Owned” and of Clause 15.01 to insert the word “Special”.
  3. To facilitate the payment of dividends in either TT dollars or US dollars. The necessary changes were made to Clauses 9.01, 9.02 and “Appendix A”.
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