The task of securing the future of domestic energy must be a collaborative undertaking, with the involvement of all stakeholders along the energy value chain. This is the thinking behind NGC’s continued engagement with upstream suppliers in unprecedented, targeted discussions around energy matters, including energy security and the energy transition.

Dr. Carla Noel-Mendez, Corporate Affairs Manager, Woodside; Sandra Fraser, Director, NGC; Verlier Quan Vie, Vice President, Commercial, NGC; Joel Jack, Director, NGC; Dr. Joseph Ishmael Khan, Chairman, NGC; Kellyanne Lochan, T&T Country Manager, Woodside; The Honorable Stuart Young, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries; Mark Loquan, President, NGC; Ehab Zabaneh, VP New Energy US, Woodside; Dan Martineau, Director, NGC; Lawrence Arjoon, Director, NGC; Stacy Patrick, Project Director Calypso, Woodside; and Howard Dottin, Director, NGC.

On 12th December 2023, NGC held two separate special Board meetings with EOG Resources and Woodside Energy to discuss the path forward for local energy. They were joined at both meetings by the Honourable Stuart Young, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries.

Among the points that the teams discussed were long-term gas supply, strategies for decarbonisation of the energy and industrial sectors, and mechanisms to help transition the energy value chain to a low-carbon future.

These two special meetings were a continuation of discussions initiated in February 2023, when NGC first started this type of dialogue with upstream suppliers.

Participating in the two meetings were The Hon. Stuart Young, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries; Dr. Joseph Ishmael Khan, Chairman, NGC, along with the Board of Directors; Mr. Mark Loquan, President, NGC; Mr. George Vieira, Managing Director, EOG; Ms. Kellyanne Lochan, T&T Country Manager, Woodside; as well as other senior executives from all companies.
Minister Young commented after the meetings: “I am happy to see NGC and our upstream operators taking this initiative to come together deliberately and proactively, to share plans and ideas for addressing industry challenges and moving local energy forward. This spirit of collaboration strengthens our industry and brings us closer to realising our vision for local energy, which is to build a system that is both profitable and sustainable.”

Mark Loquan, President, NGC; The Honorable Stuart Young, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries; and Dr. Joseph Ishmael Khan, Chairman, NGC share a lighthearted moment at the special board meeting. 

NGC President Mark Loquan expressed his satisfaction with the outcome: “It is extremely heartening for us at NGC to be able to engage in these candid and fruitful conversations with our upstream partners, because alignment across the value chain helps us better serve our customers and generate value for the country. We are grateful to EOG and Woodside for meeting us at the table and for giving us valuable insights into their plans and growth strategies. We hope to build on this engagement in 2024, with all our stakeholders, for the ultimate benefit of Trinidad and Tobago.”